Gallery of Maps and Analytical Charts

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Sales Territory Alignment


ProAlign offers a robust feature set to align or optimize your sales territories.

Discover the benefits of balanced sales territories.

Sales Territories

Poorly aligned territories have negative impact.

Site Selection

store mapping part of site selection

Analyzing demographic, consumer and market data is critical to site selection.

Market potential by block group around a proposed bank branch location.

site patronage When stores are added, the entire store network changes.

store network

An inflection point occurs at the ideal number of stores in a market area.

segment sites

Rank existing stores to help discover attractive locations for new stores.

site selection

Map shows how sales potential for a store decreases with distance.

Customer Profiling


Maps showing how neighborhoods are divided into "lifestyle clusters" are key inputs into creating customer profiles.

lifestyle cluster

Graph shows which customer profiles have the highest propensity to purchase.

customer profile

Detailed report shows customers in each cluster, penetration rate, and index.

Market Analysis and Market Sizing

Market analysis

Immediately spot areas with high market potential for your products and services.

Market Sizing

Designated Market Areas (DMAs) psrovide a broad view of market potential.

Market Potential

Perform market sizing at any level of detail, from block groups to states.

Trade Area Analysis

trade area

Trade area definition for a proposed bank location.

drive time

Multiple drive times around store locations.

trade area

Graph showing % of customers within various driving times from a store.