Territory Analysis, Design,
Optimization and Mapping

Analyzing, designing and managing territories with spreadsheets and simplistic mapping programs is like pounding in a nail with a rock. It can be done, but there's a much better way...

ProAlign territory analysis and mapping solutions combine rich, integrated data visualization (maps, charts, hierarchy grids, etc.) with easy-to-use territory analysis and management tools that enable you to see, understand and make data-informed decisions based upon the unique geographical aspects of your business.

"Perfect Fit" Territory Planning Solutions

Whether you're a sales ops professional realigning the global sales force of a multi-national firm, or you're just looking to analyze potential locations to launch or expand your concept, there's a version of ProAlign that's right for you.

Territory Software backed by Territory Design Experts

At ProAlign, we live and breathe territory analysis and design. We began as an internal division of Mapping Analytics developing the custom software and tools analysts used in hundreds of consulting projects for clients in the areas of customer profiling, market potential, trade area analysis, site selection and sales territory design.

We're committed to ensuring your success. Our professional services division, comprised of expert consultants, data analysts, and programmers with decades of territory analysis and design experience, can be called upon as needed to assist with any unique or custom project requirements.

Getting Started

We're here for you. The best way to get started is to give one of our analysts a call --with no obligation of course-- at (888) MAP-SOLUTIONS (888-627-7658). We'll be happy to discuss your project, demo the ProAlign solution which best meets your needs and get you started with a trial. If you'd prefer, send us an email at info@proalignSoftware.com and we'll follow up with you.


ProAlign is a member of:
The Sales Management Association
The International Franchise Association


"Expanding Your Franchise Concept: A Five-Point Checklist"

ProAlign for Franchise Territory Development and Optimization - our leading software puts you in control of territory size and boundaries.

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ProAlign performed analysis and created franchise territories for national franchisors entering these markets.


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