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Automatically optimize your entire sales force's territories — fast!

Why spend precious time realigning your territories when you can use ProAlign's optional territory optimizer to automatically complete your work in a fraction of the time it used to take?

With the press of a button, you can optimize all, or only some, of your sales territories. Even the largest and most complicated territories can be optimized efficiently.

ProAlign provides a powerful optimizer function that aligns territories for optimal productivity, effectiveness and efficiency, balancing on a variety of variables. The optimizer also provides a tool for testing alternate sales coverage scenarios without impacting current alignments or deploying actual resources.

What is Sales Territory Optimization?

Sales territory optimization keeps your organization’s sales territories as geographically compact as possible while balancing on the variables you have chosen. A compact territory will be travel efficient, increasing the amount of sales time, and reducing travel time and expense.

By optimizing, you will balance workload, sales, percent of sales, number of customers, etc. — whatever your balancing variable is — to create the optimal size and shape territory to meet the needs of your customers.

How do You Know When You Need to Optimize Sales Territories?

When do you optimize territories and when do you realign them? How do you know which you need? There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about just what sales territory optimization is. Generally, your organization will benefit from an optimization if you have:

A Large Sales Organization

A company with a large number of territories or a complex sales organization should optimize because the cost of imbalance — even a small imbalance — is large. Studies have shown that firms may be missing as much as 2-7% of top-line revenue by not aligning salespeople with sales opportunity.

Significant Changes to Your Sales Organization

Strategic and large-scale changes resulting from an acquisition, reorganization, downsizing or geographic growth all take a significant amount of effort to align or realign. In these cases, optimizing territories is a necessity.

A Need to Distribute Accounts Among Sales Team

The optimizer is well suited to quickly test alternate sales coverage and deployment scenarios in cases where accounts can be distributed evenly among your sales team and few specific accounts must remain with any one sales person.

If you use ProAlign or the ProAlign optimizer infrequently, or if your organization lacks the internal resources to conduct a sales territory optimization, you may want to consider working with us on a consultative or project basis. For a more in depth discussion about territory optimization and alignment, see our sales territory design section.

When Territory Optimization isn't Optimal or Possible

We know that real world constraints exist, and that sometimes a “compact” territory won’t be optimal for you. ProAlign gives you the choice of deciding whether you want more compact territories in exchange for balance, or more balance in exchange for compactness, or somewhere in between.

If breaking certain account relationships or relocating the “home base” of a sales person to create a truly optimal territory does not make sense, then you can use ProAlign’s built-in ability to add you own finishing touches to optimizations.

How Does the ProAlign Territory Optimizer Work?

We use powerful algorithms that rapidly calculate what the most balanced and compact territories are, performing thousands of calculations and iterations in milliseconds against your constraints/balancing variables, until the software arrives at the best combination/boundaries of accounts/customers for each sales territory.

Territory Realignment

Not everyone needs to optimize all sales territory changes. When should you simply realign the territories you have?

Sales territory management is an on-going process. While sales territory optimization takes a “fresh look” at sales territories and sales territory design, realignment is simply moving assignments between territories. Realignments don’t mean the territories are balanced (though you would likely not leave a territory unbalanced unless there is a specific reason for it).

Features of ProAlign's Territory Optimizer

In addition to automatically optimizing, ProAlign’s territory optimizer has other time-saving features:

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McKinsey Survey

The “2005 McKinsey Customer and Channel Management Survey” found that when sales territory management was used strategically against the highest value accounts, sales teams generated three times more market share while experiencing selling and marketing costs 20% lower than those who only reorganized.

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